Junior PHP developer

For the last month or so I’ve been running a small experiment in my Linkedin profile. I had been receiving contacts from recruiters offering roles, and from recruiters offering developers. I’m not quite interested in any of those services. Frankly, the job market for technology is a crazy house. Companies recruiting on readers of “Cracking the coding interview” instead of culture. Recruiters literally spamming or even sometimes harassing. And “candidates” either jumping for salary or just “getting a job”.

Anyway, too many contacts from recruiters, as many people in tech. At one point, I got tired. So I decided to change my title in LinkedIn to make it less attractive.

No offence to PHP, but I transformed myself into a Junior PHP developer. With the Junior part I wanted to stress I don’t have any hiring/buying power. With PHP I hoped to make it uncool and I expected it to be in low demand.

The first week I got really excited. Only a couple of recruiters and none to offer developers.

But now I can say it was Summer effect. Contacts have returned to previous level.

Yes I keep receiving offers from recruiters “to see if I can help Basement Crowd scale talent quickly”. I didn’t deceive them.

But more importantly, it seems PHP is in high demand, guys.

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