Prepare for FireOS

I was considering about buying one or two Amazon Fire, when I discovered they’re unlikely to come before Christmas.

Granted, the price is amazingly good. 50 quid was already good, so 35 is almost incredible. But, what the heck, this is the beginning of the season. And they’ve already run out of units?

There are several possibilities here:

  • This is an strategy to create scarcity. “Buy now or you won’t have it”
  • This is a massive screw-up. “Hi, Jeff. I think we’ve got a problem here”
  • The number of units sold is so huge, that it is going to change the Android ecosystem. Amazon is that company that is so obsessed to having everything under control that the origin of what we know as AWS was having spare computing capacity when the “Holiday season” come.

They were looking for volume here. They were selling through Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, Tesco, Currys…

And one day into the season, they’re out of stock.

Start testing your Android apps in FireOS.

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