Think big

A few weeks ago, I’m not sure why, one of my daughters proposed to create a system to find cars inside garages at the shopping center. The car would locate itself using a GPS and then it would emit via radio. I told her that GPS waves don’t go through the walls, and I tried to convince her to look for different approaches (like generating a wifi hotspot and using a mobile app, locate the car).

The truth is I told her it wasn’t possible. I just asked her about that and she has confirmed it.

In retrospect, I think my idea is a good one. But hers is bigger. Because it doesn’t work only when you know the area but you can’t find the car. It works always.

Thinking about “it’s not possible”, I was listening today a podcast (by the way if you’re into technology and entrepeneurship, Techzing is really good). The episode is a bit old but they were talking about emulating Elon Musk, a guy who has several great successes proving wrong “that’s not possible” from the rest of the world.

And when I’ve got home, reading an article, I’ve discovered that in the list of crazy ideas that led to Google Glass, there is a place for… GPS inside buildings.

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