Developers - The neverending story

A year ago I vaguely new something about Scala. Today I’m not an expert, but I’m reasonably proficient in Scala, with some experience in Lift, Slick, and some incursions in akka. I knew almost nothing about devops, and now I use almost everyday AWS, ansible and docker.

I’m far from an expert in any of those technologies. But I work with all of them.

Not bad for a year.

However, as a developer the amount of effort you need to keep reasonably up-to-date is huge. These days I find myself trying to keep learning the mentioned technologies, but also get a grip of others.

  • Akka is nice, but about Spark and Hadoop (as a way to, broadly speaking, distribute load. Yes, I know they are completely different beasts).

  • Lift is an interesting concept, but what about going the other end with [Futures]('s standard libraries-Futures)-based Twitter-sponsored lightning fast Finatra?

  • Jquery is OK, but now I’m reading about Google sponsored AngularJS and Facebook’s React. Bootstrap is great, but did you know about foundation?.

  • Granted gradle is great (much better than SBT in my inexperienced opinion, even though after Pivotal shuting down their Groovy development, the future is a bit uncertain), But did you know anything about bower (again different beasts, bower is only for front-end technologies).


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