The future of this blog

When I started this blog, I had a goal. I needed to practice my English, because I wanted to go abroad. Months (or even years) later, more reasons appeared. First, I discovered that writing about solutions to job related problems could give people a way to solve their own problems more easily. Later on, I realized it could also be a way to show that I wasn’t a newcomer while looking for a position abroad. But practicing my English kept being the main reason.

On 1st November I came to live to United Kingdom. I got a position for a company in London. I know people in that company read this, and I don’t want to look too “creep”, but the company is not stressful, and people are quite nice and are really trying to make me feel fully integrated. I’m not at all there, but once I get over the communication barrier, I feel I will be really part of it.

So I’m living abroad and I don’t expect to be looking for a different job in the near/medium term. I should say that some of the original goals are completed.

However, I do need to keep improving my English. Probably more talking than writing or listening. But also writing and listening. And, because of that, this blog still could have a mission. But I don’t know what to write about.

The most obvious topics could be about my life here in London. Unfortunately, I have started a blog in Spanish to keep my family on the loop.

Also I fear sometimes I could offend people with my comments.

A short example. People here tend to ask me about my opinion of London. I used to not answer (“I’ve only been here a few weeks dadada”). On Monday, a colleague (who wasn’t born in the UK, but have been here for long time) asked me the same question, and this time I answered quite honestly. I think is a city focused on living and not in tourism. I mean, I know it has vibrant cultural life, and obviously it has many places to visit. But it is not a “charming” tourist based city. From his feedback (I’m not at all good at receiving non obvious tips in English) I got the impression I don’t have a clue, so I played down.

Apparently my impression is not so strange, although it probably shouldn’t be carved on stone. But you get the idea.

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