What is this?

Starting a blog it’s a difficult task. It’s not nearly as difficult as keeping updating it, of course.

I have started a couple of blogs.

Both are abandoned.

Not a good track.

Will this blog be different? I don’t know if I’ll continue updating this. But I know for sure this blog is different now.

The first difference is that I’m writing it in English. The reason I’m doing it, is because writing in English it’s an exercise for me.

I’m an Spaniard, I live at Spain, and my mother tongue is Spanish.

I can read pretty well in English. But I’m not able to express myself in English, mostly by lack of practice. And I need it.

Therefore, I must practice. And I’d thank you when you point me to something unclear or incorrect.

The second difference is that this not going a specialised blog on a certain topic. This is a blog about me and my thoughts. Probably it isn’t interesting for anybody besides me. But it serves “to scratch my itch”, to verbalize what I think, and better, to do it in English.

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