I hate my bank

Yesterday I was using my bank account, taking money out using a debit card. No way to see the operation since the feed only has old/settled operations. Since the available balance was below what I considered safe, I moved back the money using the same card.

Available balance didn’t change. And when days later, both operations were settled, one appeared in one day, the other the following day.

My bank allows me to do banking and investment. But both activities take place in two completely different (and both horribly designed from UX perspective) environments. Even if you only have to login once.

My wife had opened session with her credentials in one of the environments. She closed the banking session but just closed the investment window. Then later, in the same browser, I opened session with my credentials.

The main site was correctly showing data for me. The investment site got bonkers (including servlet messages) because my wife hadn’t closed the investment session.

In the investment area, you can get a list of your funds. But when you want to see the performance, the list is completely different (including a table with three rows and pagination)

For one fund there was no option to sell. And I wondered why. Later I realised it was because that fund is frozen because it is one of those property funds. No indication anywhere.

Why are the sites so horribly unusable and focused in the bank business and not in what I want to do?

This is one of the big brands.. And they can’t invest in having a proper online presence. Or maybe it’s Conway’s law.

I’m testing the Android app from Mondo. The app is still in Beta phase. There are still some features missing. But any time I use that spartan app, I’m left with a much better impression than the crappy old bank experience.

Every time I come to the site I get the same feeling: I’m not fleeing because there is nowhere to go…


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