Maximizing Macbook Pro's battery

I have an old Dell Vostro 1720 and an Acer Aspire One AO110. Both are usable (and used), but have no battery.

So when I got my shiny brand new Mac, I decided I had to look after the battery.

And I read everything I could find about how to take care Macbook’s battery.

Apparently, old models used to need a periodic full discharge followed by a full recharge.

Apparently, that is no longer the case.

I’ve tried to follow the advice in Apple’s page, and I tend to leave it unplugged every day once or more times while working with it.

And I’ve noticed that from a Full Charge Capacity of around 8500 mAh, it has been improving to around 9000 mAh

Charge remaining

It is too soon to know how it will last in the future, but it is a good symptom.

You can check full charge capacity at “System Information”. Go to “About this Mac”, then click on “More info…”, then on “System Report” and finally select “Power”.

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