Techzing wives

I tend to listen Techzing podcast. It’s a podcast about very different topics, recorded by two geeks, (or developers, and entrepeneurs). I don’t remember when I started listening them. I do remember I started because I wanted to practice English and it was great (Justin is an Englishman and Jason is American). Soon I forgot why: they were great by themselves. The topics are very diverse from Technology, Entrepenurship, Politics (Loom and Gloom Report), Education, Genetics…

I listen them while commuting, and I was a couple of months behind. However, I just listened episode 200: techzing wives.

And it’s simply the best. I couldn’t help but laugh in many different parts of the episode.

I guess that episode is not very interesting for a newcomer. But I’m sure that for most of their regular listeners it has been a great experience to listen to our own wives in the voices of three complete estrangers.

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