Rails in Ubuntu

I’m planning to make a newbie post about rvm, bundler and the rest. But just in case you’re starting with ubuntu, here comes a piece of advice.

There is some controversy about editor to use for ruby. Some people prefer Vim+tmux, which seems the more standard. Other people prefer TextMate on MacOSX and Redcar on Ubuntu. I must say that I prefer vi to emacs, but for the time being I prefer Redcar to vim. In the future this may change, but not at the moment. Anyway, one of typical topics when migrating from Linux Mint is “how the h*ll do I anchor an application to the Unity bar?”. Well, in the case of Redcar, here is the answer.

Side question: “Why the h*ll are you leaving Linux Mint?”

Anyway, back to more interesting topics. If you are a Rails developer, you should be using RVM. How do you use RVM in Ubuntu. Two tips:

First. Forget about apt-get install rvm, and if you are reading this too late, go here. Second. If you are using gnome terminal, read this.

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