Google, where are you going?

I’ve been Google fanboy for a long time. I remember the invitation for Gmail I received around mid-2004. Gmail was a revolution. From 50MB mail space at the time, they offered 1000MB (1GB). But the size wasn’t the only thing revolutionary. A great UI interface, faster than anything seen before was shocking.

I remember Google video chat. Being able to talk from the mail. “No installations”.

Even Google Wave was revolutionary although the launch was a big failure, and the project was more in Alpha than in Beta.

Android was great, and Chrome too. ChromeOS??. It’s lame that the only precompiled images are through a (great) guy.

And then Google plus. I think they had to be social at any price, and they did. Good ideas but nothing revolutionary.

Lately, change in privacy terms, most of us do not read. It’s sad,

And now, Google drive? 5 GB? Are you kidding me? Is this the competition to Dropbox? Even Microsoft has a better services. I use and I’m afraid I’m not going to change.

Maybe next hit from Google is a new Twitter with 150 characters ;D

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