Things about Xerces, Xalan and Saxon I didn't know (I)

These days I’m getting very proud of myself. I’m acting less as a project manager and more as a true Scrum Manager.

I go to the scrum, listen, and a great deal of my work that day is trying to solve problems for the team.

That’s great because in order to remove the glitches of my team I have to learn a lot on very different topics.

One of those topics has been Xerces and Xalan.

Xerces and Xalan is one of the those things every developer has listened authentic horror stories about.

When it goes OK, you don’t worry.

And when things go wrong, the usual tactic is to put different versions of those libraries in different places of the server, make some System.setProperty and hope the best.

That tactic usually work (somehow). But not always. And it looks like (dark) magic.

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