Thoughts about a death

Sometimes you start to write because you need to write but you don’t know what you want to express. This is one of those times.

A couple of days ago, a pregnant woman was killed, and another woman was wounded by a man in a church in Madrid and afterwards the man committed suicide. Doctors performed a caesarean to the woman assassinated and the baby is alive. The man had a letter saying Satan was chasing him, and seems to be a homeless with police records.

Those are the facts.

Death and birth. Church and Satan. There is something deeply perturbing. I am catholic, but I don’t usually pay attention to Satan, hell, evil, the beast and those kind of things. Besides, this case is about a mad shooting two women. But nonetheless, these things make you think about life.

There is another point to think about. When the piece of news broke, and people didn’t knew the details, there were lots of comments about male against women violence, and even invented bad things I’m not going to write here. How can anybody read/listen/watch something so tragic and care so little to invent things to try to drive their point home?

I understand we always want to know as much as possible, but a young woman, pregnant after two miscarriages, killed in a church in the middle of a Mass and some people needed to be stars for a moment, without giving a d**mn for the dead woman. We have deep problems.

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