The rain in Spain(I)

I love this video:

A few days ago I received a message from one of my tweeps about the weather in Europe and in particular in Spain. This summer, the weather has been a bit strange so far. But I couldn’t help thinking about a different climate. The political and economical climate.

I know people outside Spain are worried about the situation in Spain. What can I tell about it?.

Yes Spain have problems. Several kind problems. Fiscal at federal/state/local level. Economical problems:Zombie banking sector. More than 20% unemployment in the overall population and more than 45% unemployment in young people. Bursting of a real state bubble. Political problems too. Corruption all over the place. Politics far from Main street. We have two regions with a serious problem of independentism. And moral problems too. Again corruption all over the place, people full of rights and with no obligations, and a feeling that everything not strictly forbidden is allowed.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and there are also some good news. But overall, big problems.

It seems similar problems are all over Europe and also in the States. I’m not quite sure, but maybe it’s that I live here.

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