Civil service: How to improve

A few days ago I promised to explain some of my ideas to improve the civil service in Spain. Of course there is no silver bullet. Instead, as you can see the links, all the bricks are in place:

  • Try to introduce economic incentives. People who work should be rewarded. Of course that could be misused to give more money to friends instead of giving it to the people who work.

  • Proper evaluation of how money is spent, trying to spend the money where it is better used.

  • Encourage initiative in modernization of the Public Service. Good ideas should be praised. Bad ideas should be turned into good ideas. All Ideas should be taken into account for the first point. It doesn’t cost money and for some cases it’s very useful.

In the end, nothing new. More money, better spent, not only money.

If it’s nothing new and is not being applied, somebody could ask what makes some people work harder even if they know they won’t succeed. You’ll have to wait.

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