Lots of old friends

Yes. I know I was supposed to write about Civil service in Spain. But I’ve promised myself to write a blog post Monday through Thursday. Nobody reads this, my head is full of memories, and I’m not able to write about the planned topic. I could struggle with the it, but I prefer to write about my memories.

In the last couple of days there’s a lot of activity in my mailbox. Agus, one of my friends (more about that later), send me an email. It was a mail with lots of names I knew. They were classmates from the school. I met some of them more than 10 years ago. But last time I saw many of them is more 20 years ago. Reading about them, brings back a lot of images. We are going to have dinner in a couple of weeks. No discussion about the date. While writing this text, another classmate is in the list.

I said that Agus is one of my friends. He is obviously another classmate. But he is also a colleague. We work 10 meters one of each other. We studied from 6 to 16 years old (in fact from 5 to 15 because we both celebrate our birthday in December). Then we took different routes. And then again we found one each other working in the same company… for the same client. I still remember that day. It was January 2001.

I love this frenzy of mails and images, and memories.

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