Civil service in Spain: Job security

I’m a civil servant. Civil servants in Spain can’t be fired. Well, in fact they can be fired, but only because of extremely serious infringements, and after a complicated procedure.

This protection is intended to give security so that one civil servant can oppose employee’s chief orders if the employee thinks that what is being ordered is illegal. Let’s imagine I’m asked to delete certain documents in some repository. If I worked in a company and I don’t do delete them, I could be fired. As Civil Servants have to do special things concerning laws, they (we) are given special job protection.

But the protection makes nearly impossible to fire lazy employees. And with the term “lazy employees” I mean people that only go to the office to clock in, or people who go to work to play Tetris all day. I’ve seen them. For me is something mysterious how anyone can go to work to play Tetris day in, day out. But there are people like that.

Anyway, the situation in Spain (with more than 20% unemployment rate) is not quite well. And people start to point at that job security as something wrong. Tomorrow I will write about productivity in the Civil Service in Spain, which is related to job security, but it has more issues. But today I wanted to stress that job security, by itself, is not something wrong.

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